GRID, a database development environment


The ( website hosts some GRID applications that facilitate online access to resources organized in databases.

 "Musica Domani" Application  

The search engine of the "Musica Domani" journal allows teachers, scholars, students and simple enthusiasts to easily find the contributions of interest through targeted surveys. The search engine was built with GRID. The database currently contains 2289 papers.

The presentation of the "Musica Domani" application

The search engine of the journal "Musica Domani"

 "Lezioni di Musica" Application  

The Table of Contents (TOC) of RAI RADIO 3 "Lezioni di musica" is a useful tool that facilitates research and listening to the lessons, from 2012 to today. The analytical index is intended to be useful to those who attend concerts and find it difficult to find the lessons of their interest. The database currently contains 1120 lessons.

The presentation of the "Lezioni di musica" application

The TOC of of RAI RADIO 3 "Lezioni di musica"

 "Archivio Fotografico Digitale" Project  

The "Archivio Fotografico Digitale" (AFD) project supports indexing of the shots, generates a database of the shots and uses GRID to carry out searches on them, to manage lists of photographs and to view them on PC, Tablet and TV. Currently the most significant AFD repository contains 18647 photographs.
For example AFD allows you to find all photos with Mario alone, taken before 2000, without sunglasses.

Overview of the "Archivio Fotografico Digitale" (AFD) project

The presentation of the AFD application

 GRID Project  

The objective of the GRID project is to allow non-IT experts to design, build and maintain a database and make it accessible via a PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the web.

The presentation of the GRID project

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