Overview of the "Lezioni di Musica" GRID application


An online Table of Contents (TOC), in its minimal version, for example the index of articles of a journal, stores the summaries of the issues (or part of them) in a database. Such an index is useful for those who own the magazine: by querying the index from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone connected to the network, the user can access the bibliographic references and, therefore, the identified articles. The minimal index is also useful for scholars who, after an interrogation, go to the library to consult the numbers / articles identified.

Example of a minimal TOC: Periodica de Re Canonica Journal

The online TOC, in order to be useful to a wider audience, is enriched by adding a field or more fields to accommodate links to online resources. In the case of the "Lezioni di musica" index, the database has two fields that contain two types of links to the lesson which can therefore be listened to online.

The purpose of the Table of Contents (TOC)

The Table of Contents (TOC) aims to facilitate research and listening to the lessons. In fact, it allows you to find the lessons, from 2012 to today, which are available on the RAI websites but difficult to find. For example, the TOC allows you to obtain links to all the lessons relating to "Beethoven", or those that were given by the musicologist "Giovanni Bietti", or to obtain links to all the lessons of September 2016. The TOC wants to be useful to those who attend concerts and find it hard to find the lessons of their interest.

The TOC is a GRID application. The management and maintenance of the "Lezioni di musica" TOC is not an RAI activity; it is a personal initiative of the site manager Ananiainrete.info. The TOC does not contain the lessons, but the links to the lessons (web pages of the RAI player and / or link to the mp3 or m3u8 file) that can be found on the various RAI websites.

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RAI Radio3 - Lezioni di musica

The RAI Radio3 program "Lezioni di musica" is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00. The RAI website indicates: "Among the most established and recognized Italian musicologists and musicians, together with the historical voices of some conductors of the main Radio3 music broadcasts, they accompany listeners on an informative path that aims to be both didactic and engaging".

Lessons' scrutiny

The database was built up little by little. Currently the count covers a period ranging from 2012 to today and the TOC contains 1120 lessons.

Now the update is monthly through a semi-automatic procedure that takes the data directly from the RAI podcast. For each music lesson a record is created in the TOC with the following fields: "date of the lesson", "name of the musicologist", "name of the composer", "title of the lesson", "part" ( if the lesson is divided into several parts), "link to the RAI player", "link to download the mp3 or m3u8 file", "duration" and a "note" field for any reports.

Lists available

List of composers

List of musicologists