Some DEMO GRID applications


Some demostrative GRID applications have been created to show the most significant features of GRID to visitors of this website.

 DEMO Citties Management 

The purpose of this application is to show how the GRID sorting functionality manages a decryption table whose key is not sorted alphabetically (ISO code). In addition, the "Citties management" application allows you to check that the sorting depends on the language used.

To consult the application DEMO Citties Management


At the origin of this project the desire to be able to easily manage the DVD library of the site manager. I have some and to avoid buying duplicates or to search, for example, those of a specific director, I have created the DVD application with GRID, an application that can be used anywhere, with the mobile phone in a shop, at home with the tablet or the PC.

To consult the application DEMO DVD

 DEMO Periodica de re canonica 

This application presents the result of an experiment carried out with the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Gregorian University with the aim of creating a Table of contents (TOC) of the Periodica de re canonica journal. The trial ended in 2017.

The secretariat of the Faculty of Canon Law had an Excel file of the published articles. The migration procedure from Excel to GRID was used to transfer the contents of the Excel file to GRID.

To consult the application DEMO Periodica de re canonica