Overview of the "Archivio Fotografico Digitale" (AFD) application


1. Introduction

The AFD application is a photography-oriented GRID application, designed to make digital photographs of a repository - even large ones - both usable on PC, tablet, smart TV, and available for paper (album, calendar, etc. ) or for the generation of movies from photographs.

The AFD application is informative with free access. The program that manages the updating of the GRID database is the "Update" program.

The SHOW mask of the AFD application has two modes for viewing photos and for creating slideshows: the tabular view of photos and the photo-by-photo view.

Regarding the SEARCH mask, the AFD application has three different modes to select photos: standard search, search by string and advanced search.

Alongside the selection functionality, the AFD application has a photo list editor. A photo list is what a playlist is to the music world. The user - after a login phase - can create an unlimited number of lists. Each list has a name. For example, photographs - resulting from a selection - can be added to one or more lists or they can be removed from one or more lists.

To send an anonymous report to the head of the "Archivio Fotografico Digitale" application, to provide comments or to report malfunctions:

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